What We Are Doing At The Moment

It has been a long time since I’ve written this blog.

We ended last year by creating our schedule of the day in order to fully meet all expectations in all projects.

We started 2017 slowly but surely.  We are now starting to fly.

At the moment, we are:

  • writing the FSA’s
  • reading and responding to “The Giver
  • doing maths
    • transformations between fractions, decimal numbers, and percents
    • expressions, table of values, graphs
    • 2-steps equations ( we will start in the next few days )
    • reviewing concepts seen so far this 1617 year
      • operations on integers
      • operations on decimal numbers
    • practicing the “times table” to 100
    • students will create  a portfolio of mini-lessons on the new concepts
  • asking and responding to our Big question on an ancient civilization
  • creating a visual arts portfolio
  • looking at how sexual feelings are influenced by the media
  • preparing for the Spellathon
    • coming Friday February 03


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Independent Work In The Afternoon

As the learners were working on one of their projects, I filmed what it looked like.  It is a good sample of what I usually see.  ( click on the picture )


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The Mannequin Challenge

The learners looked at one of the many Mannequin Challenges.

We also looked at a video of the teenagers who created it.

We then split up in small groups to create our own.

Then, we created one as a class. I took a step back and let the learners do their thing.

I found many things interesting:

  • they did not argue
  • they were fast to find a location  ( front playground )
  • they found their role fastly and calmly
  • one student filmed, without arguing on who it would be
  • they all looked at the result on her device ( click on the picture )


  • they self-assessed naturally
  • “Should we do it again?” they said
  • they returned and improved on their work  ( click on the picture )


  • they looked at the result
  • they decided it was good enough
  • we returned to class

They added music to the video and sent me the result.  Here it is:

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On The Importance Of Learning To Code

Interesting read on this topic.  ( click on the picture )


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Assessment Inquiry

Some JQ teachers, alongside Natalie Morissette ( JQ administrator ), are taking part in a 2-year long Vancouver School District Inquiry on how to communicate student learning effectively.  Many schools, elementary and secondary, gathered at Winston Churchill High School last Monday to begin the process.

Here are a few slides we had an “assessment conversation” around:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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What We Are Working On At The Moment

We continue to give and receive feedback to start the day, followed by the Daily Grind, and work on projects in the afternoon.

In the Daily Grind, we:

  • work on communication  ( grammar, developing clearer and more precise communication in both languages )
  • develop vocabulary  ( new words in both languages )
  • read, think, discuss and write about current events
  • do a logic problem created by the students
  • work on one grade 7 math concepts  ( operations on decimal numbers these days )
  • work on an open math problem  ( eg. the Welfare Challenge )

As we usually cannot complete this all in one morning, I now start where we left off the day before ( as it often cut the math ).

During project time, we work on:

  • Daily Grind  
  • QSS2  
  • mousetrap vehicle #3  ( MTV ) 
  • Welfare Challenge #2
  • coding
  • art card project for some
  • trick or treat math

Students can and should return to fully meet expectations on the work already covered:

  • How many blades of grass at JQ?
  • selfie
  • Wake-up!
  • Girl’s Life Magazine
  • How to take a good picture

I continue to meet learners in the afternoon to have a private conversation about their learning.  I try to do that every second week.

I am working on making the learners as independent as possible.  I email the content of the Daily Grind before 0900 every day, with links to vocabulary, news articles, math mini-lessons, etc.

Last week, I sent a link to news, in French and English.  The intent is to have learners choose their own current event and respond to it.  And to do incidental reading as they look around for news that suit them.

What’s coming:

  • math portfolio
    • students will create mini-lessons on operations on integers and decimal numbers, as well as order of operations
  • visual arts portfolio
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BC Math Conference

I attended the BC Math Conference last Friday.

Here are some of the highlights:

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